Vincent Conlon & friend, 1970's
Conlon // Philadelphia & County Monaghan :: Vincent Conlon & friend, 1970's

What is happening in the photo?

Vincent Conlon photographed in the early 1970’s with a friend, standing at the Free Derry Corner in the North of Ireland.

John “Caker” Casey, a local activist, was the first to paint “You are now entering Free Derry” on the corner of a wall in the Bogside, between Lecky Road, Rossville Street, and Fahan Street, in 1969, to declare that this section of the city was not under British Rule. Known simply as “the area” by the media during The Troubles, this was the location of much fighting; The Battle of the Bogside (1969) and Bloody Sunday (1972) both took place in this and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The wall is still a strong landmark in Derry; in 2013, during Derry’s year as City of Culture, it became the focus of an art installation, ‘Beyond the Walls’, that looked at the impact of divisions and borders across the world, and twinned the mural temporarily with the Berlin Wall. 

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