Parker and Duffy families // Washington DC

Loretta with six of her children

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Regina, Cecilia, Thomas, Mary Elizabeth, Daniel, baby, and Loretta (Abigail’s paternal grandmother)

Album: Parker and Duffy families // Washington DC

Parker and Duffy families – originally from Derrynoose in Co. Monaghan

Abigail Parker was born in New Jersey in 1986.

A photo from around 1914 shows one of her her paternal grandmothers, Loretta (Mary Loretta Duffy Parker, 1913-1986), her brother Paul Duffy (1911-1918) and their parents, Elizabeth Frances Duffy (1877-1945) and Daniel Eugene Duffy (1868-1930). Daniel was from Derrynoose and Elizabeth from Castleisland.

Catherine Collins Parker from Corofin, County Clare, was Abigail’s other paternal grandmother. She was born in Ireland and emigrated in 1900 to Connecticut.

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