Con O’Donovan at College of Science, Dublin, probably 1924

Con O'Donovan at College of Science, Dublin, probably 1924
O'Donovan // County Cork :: Con O'Donovan at College of Science, Dublin, probably 1924

What is happening in the photo?

Con O’Donovan is in the second row from the bottom, fourth from the left.

According to brief notes he made later:

1912: I secured a scholarship in agriculture, tenable for four years in the College of Science and had only the last term to do, at Easter 1916.

1916: Instead of going home for the Easter holidays, I stayed in Dublin for the Rising, fought in Four Courts, was courtmartialled and sentenced to death (commuted to penal servitude), arriving in Dartmoor prison in May. After an experience in Dartmoor, Lewes, Maidstone and Pentonville prisons I was released in May, 1917.

1917: On returning to Dublin I applied for a renewal of my scholarship in the College of Science, so that I could complete the four years course, and got a blank refusal.

1924: Was permitted to do the Easter to June term in College of Science, but had to take the same examinations as the students who were finishing normally that year and got the A.R.C.Sc.I. degree. Other students who joined the British army got special examinations on their return to civilian life.

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