Love to Mother, A Message from America – Mary McGing c. 1935

Studio portrait of Mary Lydon née McGing
McGing // County Meath :: Studio portrait of Mary Lydon née McGing

What is happening in the photo?

This is a studio portrait of Mary Lydon, nee McGing in Chicago of the 1930s. The photograph was sent home from Chicago to Mary’s mother Julia in Tourmakeady, County Mayo. The print features the handwritten words ‘Love to mother’ on its lower left hand corner, these words have faded substantially since the time they were written. Mary frequently sent items of remembrance home from Chicago, and on one occasion sent her hair home to the family. We believe her hair was sent home prior to this image being taken. This print is a good example of analogue beauty retouching in the early 20th century, and on closer inspection eyelashes and eyebrows can be seen that have been drawn in with ink. 

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