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Patrick and Annie Fleming in Béal na Blath
Fleming // County Cork :: Patrick and Annie Fleming in Béal na Blath

What is happening in the photo?

Annie and Patrick photographed in the late 1930s. This photograph was taken after they had retired from teaching.  It features Annie and Patrick outside their family home in Béal na Blath. Anne was a strong, principled, kind, quiet woman. They had enough land to have a cow and made their own butter.

Patrick and Annie taught in the local Primary School. Patrick was headmaster at the time Michael Collins was killed. His claim to fame was that on his way back from Ballyvourney, Cork (when attending an Irish language course) for the birth of his youngest child – his son Daniel – he met De Valera in a local pub a few days before Micheal Collins was shot in Béal na Blath. Patrick was pro-treaty. The men who shot Collins disappeared across their back garden following his assasination. Politics were rarely discussed.

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