Geraghty // Boston and County Galway

Anne Carr portrait

What is happening in the photo?

Anne Carr, maternal grandmother of Ann Geraghty, was born in county Galway. Her mother had spent ten years in Boston, returning to Galway when her parents were ill. The cycle of emigration took up again in the 1910s when Anne and her two sisters left Ireland to join an aunt in Boston.<br>Anne returned to Ireland to tell her mother she was engaged to a Norwegian Protestant. On the boat back to Boston, she met Michael Thomas Cassidy and they fell in love. Knowing her Norwegian suitor would be quayside on arrival in NYC, she exited from the other side!

Album: Geraghty // Boston and County Galway

Contributed by Ann Geraghty

The Geraghty family album traces the family from County Galway to the Boston area.

Ann’s maternal grandfather, Michael Thomas Cassidy was born in Boston in 1875 but he and his mother returned to Galway after his father was killed in an accident. Michael returned to Boston in his late teens and joined the navy.

Ann’s maternal grandmother, Anne Carr (b County Galway) came to the US in the 1910s and ‘worked out’ as a cook.

The Geraghty album includes a series from the wedding of Ann’s parents, Margaret Cassidy and Thomas Joseph Geraghty (b. 1926, Ballinasloe, County Galway) in Boston. It concludes with a fabulous shot of the couple behind the wheel after the reception, every inch the American Dream.


Album: Geraghty // Boston and County Galway
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