Dwyer // Boston & Beara

Dwyer brothers, Butte Montana, c1890s

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Studio photograph of Timothy Dwyer, b. 1862 (centre), father of Mary K Dwyer Wood. His brother, Michael Dwyer is on the right, Michael’s son on the left. Butte, Montana, c1890s

Album: Dwyer // Boston & Beara

Mike Dwyer's fascinating album shows traces of many generations of migration and connection between Beara and USA

The Dwyer family’s home in the lovely setting of Eyeries, on the Beara Peninsula is a testament to the generations of migration and connection between Ireland and the USA. The fine double-fronted house is even called “Klondike House” – for it was built in 1900 with remittances sent by Mike’s great-granduncle, also called Mike Dwyer, who had made money in the Klondike Gold Rush.

Album: Dwyer // Boston & Beara
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