Mullan Family photographed in Tynan, County Armagh
Conlon // Philadelphia & County Monaghan :: Mullan Family photographed in Tynan,  County Armagh

What is happening in the photo?

Patrick Mullan (seated) with his second wife, son and daughter photographed outside their family farm in Tynan, County Armagh in the 1920s.

Elizabeth’s mother Sarah Mullan (née McCullagh) married Patrick Joseph Mullan from Tynan, County Armagh. They moved to America where their four children Elizabeth, James, John and Rose were born. Sarah and died young had poor health. After her death her husband Patrick bought land off the Caledon estate and they moved back home to County Tyrone, near the village of Tynan.

Elizabeth settled in Ireland, her siblings Rose, James & Joe raised their families in Germantown, Philadelphia.

Photographer unknown, digital scan from original “Box Brownie” image.

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