Photo Album – Clan na Gael trip to U.S. 1919

Album: Photo Album – Clan na Gael trip to U.S. 1919
Photo album created by members of De Valera's delegation to the U.S. in 1919

Clan na Gael Photo Album contributed by photo historian Orla Fitzpatrick.

This album was made by a member of the delegation accompanying Eamonn De Valera to the U.S. in 1919. The delegation spent seven months travelling around the U.S. raising money and rallying support for the newly established Dáil. They met with government officials to seek their support and recognition for the Dáil government. The delegation raised over $5 million but did not get the official recognition they sought.
While De Valera was in America, the War of Independence was underway in Ireland. Finance Minister Michael Collins had been left in charge and embarked on a guerilla campaign of ambushes and assassinations. When De Valera returned to Ireland in January 1920, he demanded that these terrorist tactics be abandoned at once. He was out-voted by the rest of the cabinet and the war continued. A truce was declared on 11 July 1920.