An example of early street photography in Dublin
Baker Deely // Dublin :: An example of early street photography in Dublin

What is happening in the photo?

Roy Meerwald Baker (left) pictured with an unknown man, walking outside the railings of the former Irish House of Parliament in College Green, Dublin c. 1920s. The Irish Houses of Parliament also known as the Irish Parliament House, today called the Bank of Ireland, College Green, due to its use by the bank, was the world’s first purpose-built two-chamber parliament house. It served as the seat of both chambers (the Lords and Commons) of the Irish Parliament of the Kingdom of Ireland for most of the 18th century until that parliament was abolished by the Act of Union of 1800, when Ireland became part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

This image is an example of both early street and candid photography. After the invention of the candid camera, these kind of photographs in public places became an issue of discussion.

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