Meerwald Baker children at the Blackrock Baths
Baker Deely // Dublin ::  Meerwald Baker children at the Blackrock Baths

What is happening in the photo?

Denis, Rosemary, Ray Meerwald Baker, at the Blackrock baths, County Dublin, c. 1926.

The Blackrock baths were provided for by the railway company in 1839 and were built beside the Blackrock train station.  It was possible to buy a special train ticket that also permitted you entrance to the baths. In 1887 the baths were rebuilt in concrete with a large gentlemen’s bath and a smaller ladies’ bath. In 1928, the Urban District Council bought the baths for £2,000 and readied them for the Tailteann Games. The baths, with a 50 metre pool, were well known for their swimming galas and water polo and could accommodate up to 1,000 spectators.  The decline in use of the baths started in the 1960s when indoor heated swimming pools started to appear. Dun Laoghaire Corporation closed the Blackrock Baths in the late 1980s and by 1992, due to lack of maintenance, parts of the baths were dismantled. They have since been demolished.

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