A Visit from the Riley Elf – Austin McGing, 1963

Austin McGing in his 'Riley Elf' car in Moynalvey, Co. Meath
McGing // County Meath :: Austin McGing in his 'Riley Elf' car  in Moynalvey, Co. Meath

What is happening in the photo?

This photograph depicts Austin McGing in 1963 following his move in 1960 from Mayo to Meath as part of the Irish Land Commission Resettlement Scheme. The ‘Riley Elf’ car in the photograph belonged to a visitor by the name of Mr. Smith. Austin, the man in the car, could not drive, and in this image he was pretending to drive. In the right hand background of the image a land commission house can be seen, the next door neighbours of the McGing family by the name of Collins – also from Mayo. The location of Woodtown, Moynalvey as seen in this image is a Land Commission area, with several families on the road originally coming from near Westport in Mayo.

The Mini was produced by BMC (British Motor Corporation) and was the first car to have front-wheel-drive, a revolutionary design that saved spaced and influenced all other car manufacturers: a drive-train layout which is still the most popularly used in cars today.

Album: McGing // County Meath
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