Mullan Family Studio Portrait, 1890's
Conlon // Philadelphia & County Monaghan :: Mullan Family Studio Portrait, 1890's

What is happening in the photo?

Studio portrait of the Mullan family from the Conlon family archive, Philadelphia, 1895

Patrick Joseph Mullan was born in Tynan, County Armagh. His wife Sarah (née McCullagh -pictured in centre) suffered with ill health and sadly died young. This photograph was taken in a studio in Philadelphia, USA.

Elizabeth Mullan (married name Conlon) is pictured as an infant on mother’s knee. Her brother Joseph (on right) is wearing a suit with ribbons, girl (second from right) is Rose – older boy (on left) is James. James Joseph and Rose all returned to the United States.

After Sarah’s passing Patrick brought the family back to Ireland. He bought land from the Caledon Estate in County Armagh. Patrick later remarried.

Digital scan of later copy.

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